Legs cramps and sleep cleaning

Working out on a regular basis has some really nice side effects. One I would like to live without is waking up in the middle of the night with a leg cramp.

One particularly nasty leg cramp not only woke me up, but I had to get out of bed to get it to stop. The calf of my right leg really hurt and I found myself hoping on one foot, flapping my arms like a chicken. Of course everyone knows that flapping your arms like a chicken while bouncing on one leg is a sure fire way to get rid of a cramp. Not really.

As I was going through the gyrations, I noticed our two little dogs were watching me. Could only imagine what they might be saying to each other.

“Gee, that is unusual. Even for him,” one says to another.

“Yeah, but maybe he’ll take us out for a walk when he’s finished.”

“Oh, I hope so.”

With that, the two stood up on the bed and begin to wag their tails as I hopped up and down on one leg, flapping my arms. About the time I was starting to understand just how silly I really looked, I lost my balance and crashed into the night stand. The noise woke up my wife who had to get up early to go to work.

“Sorry I woke you up.”

“Me too. You okay?”

“Had a cramp in my right leg.”

After turning on the light, she came around and picked up everything I had knocked over. I was sitting on the floor trying to deal with the pain in my leg when she went back to our bed and turned off the light. Sitting on the floor in the dark, I wondered if she knew I was still down here. Looking up I could see in the low light that our two dogs were still watching me with their tails wagging.

“Okay, lets go for a short one.”

We went around the neighborhood and returned to bed. The next morning over coffee I apologized to my wife.

“You didn’t wake me up.”

While flapping my arms and hopping on one foot to show her what went on, she stopped me in mid-sentence.

“I don’t remember any of this.”

“You’re trying to tell me you were sleep cleaning?”

“Must have.”

After all that worrying, it turns out that only our two dogs and I had our sleep interrupted.    Still hate leg cramps.


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