Reflections on passage of time

One of the more unusual experiences I have gone through is to have wires attached to my head like random strands of spaghetti. The purpose is to make sure I’m not having seizures. Nonetheless, the entire thing is rather bizarre.

First there is the small room with no windows. The lime green walls and earth tone carpeting is no doubt designed to create a calming effect. Just needing to be wired for six to eight hours means there is very little easing of the mind.

All of this requires great patience on my part and that of my wife, who has graciously decided to spend most of the day in this tiny room with me. I’m reminded of a quote by Albert Einstein: “When courting a nice girl, an hour can seem to be but a second. When sitting on a hot cinder, a second can feel like an hour. That is relativity.”

So as I count the seconds, minutes and hours it will take for me to finally get to leave this cramped room, I must remind myself that time is constant. How one feels about its passing is not. For instance, if I f I were watching my favorite college football team on a nice Fall day, six to eight hours would go by quickly.

The same goes when comparing a work day with a day off. Or when you are facing a deadline, which always sneak up on you quicker than you would like.

So, here I am. My brain waves are being monitored and I’m counting down the seconds, minutes and hours. This too shall pass, but I will no longer wonder why time on some occasions feels as if it flies by and on others it barely moves. As Einstein said, it is all relative.



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