Thinking about friends

Sunday was Friendship Day and I forgot to do anything to celebrate. I think we can safely call this one of those often referred to as Hallmark Holidays that keep popping up on our calendars. Still, having good friends is something to be thankful for on any given day of the year. That is why I have decided to take time to reflect on this special day, even if I am a little slow to do so.

Unlike family members, we get to choose our friends. Just as it is with any good relationship, maintaining a solid bond with someone requires effort from both sides. Most of the time we don’t even think about the little things they do for us. We look forward to seeing them for lunch or just hanging out. Fears and joys are shared. Successes celebrated and failings lamented. You can tell them how you feel and what you are thinking because you know they will understand. A really good buddy will tell you when you are simply full it.

Popular movies and literature are generously peppered with storylines that deal with friendship. Some of my favorite movies can be summed up as buddy movies. Even the ones that start out as love stories between a man and a woman.

One of my all-time favorite movies, “Casablanca,” features Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine, who walks off into the foggy night with his pal Captain Louis Renault, who is played by Claude Rains. Rick may not get the woman in the end, but he still has his friend beside him as they head off for a new adventure.

I doubt that Friendship Day will ever become as big as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. I may never even buy cards to send out to my pals who have made my life better with their presence. Still, it is a good idea to remember how important our really good friends are to us.

Happy belated Friendship Day.


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