Hoping to win the big one

Buying lottery tickets may seem like a waste of money to some and I can certainly see their point. The chances of winning are slim to practically none. Someone once told me I had a better chance of being hit by lightning than winning.

Still, I find myself walking into a local convenience store or gas station to buy one at least three times a week. I don’t spend a lot. At most $4 at a time. Friends have told me I would do just as well looking for the proverbial pot of gold at the end of a rainbow as to buying a ticket. They are probably right. Here’s the thing, however. I would never buy a lottery ticket if I didn’t think I at least had a chance. Otherwise, why do it?

Yes, there are people who spend way too much of their income on gambling. Some are so desperate to get out of debt or to have a better life that they will gamble on long shots to just have a few hours they can spend dreaming of never having to worry about whether they can catch up on rent or pay for new clothes for their children.

I have to admit, I’ve had a few daydreams about what I might do with the money if I should win. I think about what charities I would donate to or start. Where I might build my dream house. How much I would be able to spoil my wife. Of course, I realize it is all a fantasy. I know the odds. I also know that if you don’t at least buy a ticket, you have no chance at all.

So I have my lottery ticket sitting on a bookcase next to my wallet and car keys. I’ll check the local paper tomorrow to see if I’m the lucky one. I know the chance of winning is practically nil, but I still have hope. Wish me luck.



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