Way too many warning labels

Recent articles about the hazard of texting while walking have been popping up in the news lately. Seems that people are so busy staying in touch through texting that they forget where they are strolling and fall or bump into something.

The solution to ending such accidents is to stop, text, hit send and continue on your way. I suppose we could insist that a warning label be placed on phones about the danger. We already have them on a variety of products about how to not use them.

My wife brought this to my attention the other day. A grocery store bag sported a warning about how one should not place it over your head because it could cause asphyxiation. Really? Have we become a society that requires such messages? The answer is yes, we have.

Warnings are showing up on products you would never have thought would need them. A friend told me that wheelbarrow tires now have them to make sure we know they are not to be used on the highway. Really? Has there been a rash of people pushing wheelbarrows down highways that I have somehow missed?

Strollers now have warnings that remind parents to make sure they remove the child before folding. One would think that a parent would notice how difficult it would be to collapse one with someone still inside.

We all know the reason for such labels. We’ve become such a lawsuit happy nation that lawyers are telling clients to put warnings on everything from McDonald’s coffee cups to stove tops. Some of you might remember how a customer sued the fast-food chain after they spilled hot coffee on their lap. I admit that I have at time spilled hot beverages on my lap and ties, but I never thought about suing anyone. If I got mad, it was at myself for being so clumsy.

I guess warning are here to stay. Maybe the next one should say something about how reading labels while walking can be hazardous to your health. 


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