Looking back on 29 years of marriage

In less than two weeks my wife and I will celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary. At a time when it seems like we hear more about marriages failing than succeeding, it is nice to reflect back on our life together. We’ve experienced some highs and lows, but what makes me smile the most are the little things. We had only been married for a few months when I discovered one workday morning that I had no more underwear in the assigned drawer. Not knowing what had happened, I asked my new bride if she had moved them.

“I threw them out,” she replied. “They were way past their prime.”

“You threw them all out?”

“No just the really horrible ones.”

She did have a point. I was in my late 20s and I some of the ones that were now gone were pairs I had worn since I was in high school. Still, here I was getting ready for work and I was missing one of the first item of clothing I would normally put on. The term, “going commando” had not yet become part of our vocabulary.

“So what am I supposed to wear?”

“Either your swimsuit or one of your jogging shorts should work.”

I immediately knew that she had already thought about what I could wear. I was glad my jogging shorts and swimsuit had not been tossed. At time we were living in an apartment. I can imagine what the neighbors were thinking as they listened to us shout back and forth about my underwear.

Even though it has been nearly 30 years since I learned she had no problem throwing my clothes away if she deemed them ratty, I was reminded about the morning early in our morning this past week. I went to my drawer and found I had several new pairs that she had bought to replace some that were now missing. It made me smile.

Another person might have simply told me to go out and buy new ones and get rid of the old ones. Not her. Over the years she would also throwaway ties she didn’t like, socks with holes in them and other items. The reason this makes me smile is because it is one of the little things she does that might seem strange to others. She has somehow managed to be both endearing and annoying in a way that just makes me love her all the more. Yes, we celebrate major accomplishments and milestones. Yet, it is the little things that make her special to me.


2 thoughts on “Looking back on 29 years of marriage

  1. Twenty nine years! Medal to you! I’ve just been reflecting tonight on our two years of marriage, eight years together and thinking that was an achievement! Kudos to you.

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